Levis 501 Unbutton Your Beast: this should have been zipped

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Look at the ingredients: a legendary jean brand in Levis, a sub-brand that hardly needs advertising in Levis 501, a history of classy ads from the brand. And then we have this downright sleaze from Levis 501 in the form of a viral: Unbutton your beast. So how does it work? You send a friend an email, in which a beast pops out of a pair of 501s and starts talking. You get to choose your beast at the website.


Sexual innuendo is all fine. In fact, Levis thrived on this – be it the laundromat commercial or the chemist one. But this is so crass its hard to associate it with a classy brand like Levis. A case of ‘hey, this is viral marketing – lets get bizarre!’?. This should have been zipped and not ‘let out’.

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