Fashion@Big Bazaar: change agent

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I quite like the Fashion@Big Bazaar TVCs with Dhoni. More than the creatives, I like the idea behind the campaign. I recall an outdoor campaign for the same brand, trying to promote the same cause a few months back. They were bad puns on other fashion store brands (something like ‘Keepaside’, referring to West Side) and said that you need not visit them any longer, since the fashion collection at Big Bazaar is here. It was wrong on several counts. By referring to your competition you are going to automatically make consumer’s see the yawning gap (at least in perceptions) between them and you.

A simple outdoor campaign is not going to change the perception of the Fashion brand at Big Bazaar to be cool & hip among the youth. While I have great respect for what they have done to retailing in India and the loyalty they have with the middle & lower middle class, I would not include Big Bazaar in my considerate set for fashion brands. I am sure many others don’t give a damn about what I think and love Big Bazaar for its range & price. Even they would perhaps feel that when it comes to fashion they are not that hep.


Enter Dhoni-bhaiyaa and a range that is showcased better in static advertising. The price would be the carrot for many. The creative idea, ‘clothes maketh the man’ have been given a contemporary twist by equating status not just with mobiles & cars, but with clothes too. Given Dhoni’s dates & hectic travel schedule the script uses his time wisely – all the ones that need to be given a make over are conveniently dumped into his den. The proposition is generic but then a brand like Big Bazaar can get away with.

I think this effort will help position the Fashion brand within Big Bazaar distinctly. One may argue with the generic nature of the promise but it has a leadership stance. And Dhoni’s presence will surely widen the appeal. All packaged to touch the already existing sentiment that India is changing for good.

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