BMW’s recycled old ads, ‘The World’s Fastest Car Launch’ and more: creative ads of the week

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It’s always fun to see creative teams try something new in a category which is known for templates or formulas in advertising themes. Last week I came across one such in car advertising. In the same category, there was a clever use of print media too. Herewith my picks of creative ads from last week:

1.BMW Certified: recycled ads

To demonstrate that certified pre-owned BMW cars run like new, Goodby Silverstein & Partners has created this clever campaign which uses footage from the brand’s old ads. The voice over explains why it is doing so – even referencing it to the original story. The ads maybe a tad forced but it’s amusing to see how the visuals can be recycled to convey a new message.

You can see the original of the above ad here.

The interesting aspect of this campaign is that the old ads were created by another agency, KBS (now Forsman & Bodenfors in the US). According to the press release ‘“To create the campaign, GS&P went through years of BMW commercials from other agencies in the US and globally, going back to 2013—since five years is the oldest BMW Certified vehicle people can buy.” The campaign included these ads too:

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

2.Walmart: grocery pickup

Just the first few seconds of the commercial evoked a smile of appreciation in me as the idea dawned on me. To announce their grocery pickup service, Walmart tweaked the proposition to say ‘Get your groceries without leaving your car. No matter what you drive’. The creative leap is in showcasing cars made famous by Hollywood including the Ecto-1 from ‘Ghostbusters’, Mutt Cutts Van from ‘Dumb and Dumber’, Pontiac Trans Am from ‘Knight Rider’ and more.

Agency: Department W (Publicis Groupe)

3. BMW Mini: the world’s fastest car launch

Ads that take advantage of the inherent characteristics of a medium are fun – be it in print or radio. Here’s a print campaign from UK which won the print effectiveness campaign. People were given just 1,499 minutes for test drives and there were only 1,499 vehicles for sale – as a link to the model number Mini 1499GT. The objective was to increase test drives by projecting a sense fo scarcity and urgency. Read more about it here.

4. TESCO: 100 years of great value

As part of its centenary celebrations, TESCO has launched a campaign to highlight some exceptional deals. The creative idea? ‘Prices that take you back’. Loved it.

Agency: BBH, London

5. Bosch: #LikeABosch

In a fun word play on the brand name, Bosch has created a TVC to demonstrate how their ‘Internet of Things (IoT) can help make life easier’.

Agency: Jung Von Matt

6. BCF: It’s BCFing Fun

A campaign for a retail brand, BCF (Boating, Camping and Fishing) was reviewed by Dr. Ryan Wallman here. It is a must read on what makes good advertising. Here’s a check list but do head over to the link above to see the ad.

1. It gets attention.

2. It incorporates the brand name as an integral element.

3. It communicates what the company offers

4. It uses distinctive brand assets.

5. It has reach and frequency across multiple channels

6. It stays the course.

7. It’s fun.

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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