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Dubai Lynx Awards to investigate FP7’s award winning work

Much controversy in the blogosphere about the award winning entries from FP7 at the recent Dubai Lynx Awards. So much so that the organisers of the awards have launched an official investigation into a string of winning work. All this is is the fallout of a damning entry in Bloganubis in which almost all the award-winning work including Samsung were questioned. According to the blog, the washing machine advertised for, is available only in the US! More dope about the other winning entries including Samsung camera (see ad below – ad featuring Jesus and nuns in the Gulf! Jesus!) and Higeen mouthwash over at Bloganubis.

samsung nuns.jpg

Well, the scam cancer continues. Interesting that this is happening a week before the Goafest– the whole scam debate is going to continue. As some have suggested, why not have a separate category for speculative & scam work at award festivals? No doubt the creativity of the minds behind the Samsung washing machine ads have to be admired, celebrated – they were fantastic ads – but were they ‘legitimate’? If the agency is signed on by clients to solve a marketing problem, shouldn’t the creative address it? In the process if it wins an award it’s great. As I have said before awarding scam work only encourages the young creatives to focus on such work and not the client’s brand problems. What say?


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