10 radio spots that bring alive the power of the audio medium

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Let’s face it. While the FM Radio boom in India is a good thing, the side effects are the atrocious radio spots we have to suffer. Most of them seem to follow a template – a hammed conversation between two people – a format where any product imaginable can be introduced.

The other favourite is of course the Bollywood spoof, more specifically a Gabbar spoof. Dharmendra, Rajini, Amithabh, Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol are the other common spoofs; some of them are quite tasteless and trite. Sunny was provoked enough to sue Big FM recently for spoofing him and his dad. How about some much needed inspiration?

1. Videocon Integra LCD

This spot won a metal at the One Show Awards in 2008. An interesting use of an audio medium for a television brand. While the premise of wide screen has led to this kind of idea (where it takes for ever for two ends to meet) on TV spots, this was interesting in an audio medium.

Widescreen Integra LCD-Leaving

2. Tower Records: Show me the money

One may quibble about the tenuous link to the idea of saluting ‘magical moments in showbiz’ with Tower Records. Good fun anyway.

Tower Records – Show me the money

3. Ameristar Casino

The argument between a husband & wife at the councilor’s office sounds real, life-like. Unlike our staged, hammed voices.


4. Earls

Great use of voices and ambient sound in this spot to promote a restaurant.


5. Speed Limit

Shock value that is actually endearing.

Speed Limit

6. Bud Light – Oxygen Bar

This much-celebrated series never fails to entertain you. Just the obscure professions they pick to salute the common man is fun enough. The spot with all it’s embellishments makes you want to hear it over and over again.

Bud Light-Oxygen Bar

7. Bud Light – Taxi Cab

The second in the series of Bud Light spots featured here.

Bud Light – Taxi Cab

8. Toyota Dealer Service

I am not a car guy and I could fully empathize with the caller. Awesome voice casting.

Toyota dealer

9. Philips Body Groom Shaver

Laugh out loud stuff.

Philips Body Groom

10. National Thoroughbred

We’ve all heard ‘cricket commentary style’ radio spots. Check out this racing commentary one. Riveting.

National Thoroughbred

I guess apart from having an idea, these spots have a couple of other things in common: great use of the audio medium and top-class execution in terms of voice casting. In a clutter of radio spots, I can imagine them standing out from the clutter and making you want to listen to them over and over again. Liked this short list of Radio Spots? Got any? Do write in.

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  1. Ah, my favorite medium. I could go on and on.
    But the entire Budlite series is awesome, year after year.
    You should do a compilation of great Indian radio spots.

    • Rahul, any compilations of good Indian spots that I could get my hands on? Anything from the KAAN award compilations? I have an old Abby compilation of radio spots in a Flash file – but can’t get it to be split into individual files. It had some good spots…

  2. I haven’t heard any good Radio spots in a while. I heard one for Bingo – where two ‘Bhai’s ‘ are talking about ‘khatam karo-fying’ someone. It made me chuckle. Just a bit.

  3. Hey Rahul!
    Can you please also send it to
    I have been trying to source some for one of my client. But no luck,
    Thanks in advance.
    Ramiya (The Dancer 🙂 )

  4. Made my day this page!..Could you share more spots from your archives..absolutely delightful.

  5. videocon, like my friend says, should have won the done show. for it’s a straight lift.

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