Creative ads of the week with #StayHome messages: Mini, Volvo and more

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For the past few weeks or so brands have attempted to create communication with the crisis triggered by COVID-19 outbreak as the context. These fall into two buckets: one expressing concern and solidarity (‘We are in this together’) and other urging consumers to follow safety guidelines such as staying home and maintaining social distance. I find the former lot a bit stretched and irrelevant to the brand. In the latter case brands doing their bit to remind people to follow the guidelines is a bit more credible. Even with that intention there is a fine balance to maintain lest the activity becomes a gimmick like McDonald’s separating its arches in the logo to communicate ‘distance’. A well-intentioned message urging people to stay home with a hint of connect to the brand is fine as a socially responsible message. There is a thin line between that and a ‘look how creative I am’ kind of gimmick.

Here are a few which caught my eye:

Mini UK: Twitter header

The iconic car brand simply changed its official Twitter account’s header image to drive home (no pun intended) point.

There is natural fit with car brands and a ‘stay home’ message in these times.

Volvo UK: safe place

Safety is the consistent messaging platform for Volvo. Here is a clever twist.

Hyundai Worldwide: car sharing

Many working from home have shared experiences of its positive effects – from spending time with family to pursuing hobbies. Here’s a fun take on playing games indoor.

Jaguar: keep it parked

Jaguar Racing cleverly used existing footage with a ‘rewind’ effect to convey the ‘stay home’ message.

Audi Ireland: daily commute

Kids and their fascination for imaginary games with cars becomes the focal point in this message from Audi Ireland.

ActCovid19: social media posts

Ad veteran George Tannenbaum has collaborated with ActCovid19 on Instagram to create this social media images laced with humour to drive awareness about social distancing and staying home.

Outsmart: Grateful Britian

The Out of Home Industry in Britain through its trade body Outsmart has created outdoor messaging thanking all those involved in overcoming the current health crisis – from doctors to super market workers.

Agency: Mother

Burger King: Le Whopper de la Quarantaine

During these days of lockdown when restaurant visits are ruled out, Burger King France created these tongue-in-cheek posters to show how their items on the menu can be made at home.

Agency: Buzzman

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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