Chocoliebe: this film sticks

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Amidst a sea of mediocrity, the new commercial for Chocoliebe (Inspector Lobo) stands out. In fact, I have probably seen in only once or twice, yet the commercial sticks in my mind (bad pun, if you know the central idea of the TVC). I have been trying to get hold of an online version, but to no avail. For those who haven’t seen it, here is the gist: we are told that the world would have got a daring Inspector (Lobo). But at the selection parade our Inspector is busy eking out the Eclair that is stuck in his mouth. The solution: Chocoliebe which is non-sticky. The killer baseline: ‘Don’t atko. Chocoliebe gatko‘. Of course, I am doing no justice to the power of scripting, acting etc.

A product attribute like’ non-sticky eclair’ is beautifully woven into the central idea of the script rather than being relegated to a product window. And in a Cadbury-dominated Eclair world this gives a great reference point and differentiation for Chocoliebe. Enviable work by the brand team and the agency (Leo Burnett or McCann?).

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  1. inspector lobo is one of the best ad i have ever seen…so damn funny..even im not able to find a online version…hope to get one soon…”yeyey lobbeeyyy..waaayttt mayyyn” 😀 : D 😀 :))

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