Clever stuff: ‘hardly used books’

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Am not too sure if a ‘second hand book sale’ was rebranded as ‘Hardly Used Books’ to accommodate this creative idea, but the ads brought a smile.


Here, the book ‘Overcoming Addictions’ is gifted to Keith by Mick Jagger – and therefore ‘hardly used’. Clever stuff. The rest of the ads are here.

Advertising Agency: Brandcom Middle East, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director & Copywriter: Manoj Ammanath
Art Director: Sabina Mustafa
Photographer: Sunil Raju

Imagine this idea being tweaked to suit Indian celebrities. Which book title would suit them? E.g. Keep Smiling Through; Owner – Mamta Banerjee?! Any other ideas?

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  1. Networking – The Art of Making Friends : Owners – Salman Khan/Vivek Oberoi
    Triumph Over Fear: Owner – Medha Patkar
    The Little Book of Calm: Owners – Mamta Banerjee/ Somnath Chatterjee
    Rev Up Your Metabolism: Owner – Dharam Singh
    Acting for the Camera: Owner – Zayed Khan

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