Subaru gets sexy – kinda

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Advertising for cars is such a tough job. Take the case of this new campaign for Subaru Forester, Canada. For a non-car enthusiast like me, the SUV looks like any other SUV. The brief was to launch the 2009 Subaru Forester. Ho-hum. Like all latest models one needs to highlight the souped up features. One could go anywhere with that ‘non-brief’.

The a-ha moment happens when the advertising agency comes up with a thought like ‘Subaru is now sexier’. Marry that idea with the bigness of a Subaru and you’ve got a great property: classic sexy babes washing a car – except that they are replaced with Japanese Sumo wrestlers. And what’s been developed with that thought is awesome.


And the idea is not limited to a TVC alone. The print ads take forward the idea with a centerfold photo-shoot approach.


Agency: DDB, Toronto
Creative Director: Andrew Simon
Art Director: Paul Riss
Copywriter: Matt Antonello

They also have a cool website, where you can photograph your own ‘sexy’ sumo wrestler modeling next to the 2009 Subaru Forester. And the way they have done it is fantastic. The models move about just like regular models, there is a viewfinder for you to click and take photographs. The site has user submissions and other downloads as well. Enough fun on the advertising to make even a non-car guy like me drool.

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