Sequel to Cadbury’s Gorilla ad: duh?

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If you have heard the term viral marketing, you must have seen the Cadbury’s Gorilla advert. The sequel to this ad, much hyped even prior to the airing is now out.

The ad sucks. Er…I didn’t ‘get’ it quite frankly. Like in the previous one, this too has a popular song as the sound track (Don’t Stop Me Now from Queen, this time). The similarity ends there. This one is not half as interesting and does not bring a smile to your face, like the Gorilla ad did. The trouble with sequels is that people expect them to live up to the first hit and do better. And when it does not comparisons and dissections begin. What role do these ads perform? Is it just to create a buzz around the brand? What does it do the previous equity of the brand? How do Cadbury UK & India see them? Somebody throw some light on this? According to Brand Republic, Phil Rumbol, Cadbury’s marketing director said: “What we are focused on is the response. The key question we ask is: ‘Will people see this and have a moment of unmistakeable joy?’ That is the acid test.” I am alright with being the opposite of ‘hard sell’. But I didn’t find this entertaining.

Am I missing something here, apart from not being a Brit?,

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