Right choice: magazine that doesn’t accept ads

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Came home to find a complimentary copy of a magazine called Right Choice, a review magazine on consumer goods and services. Frankly, I hadn’t heard of it before and was unaware of it’s business model. Set up by the UK-based Which?, a leading consumer guide, it is positioned as a consumer’s guide to better buying. Which? Right Choice claims that it is unbiased since it does not accept any advertising.


So a subscription-based magazine that does not rely on advertising space. Interesting business model in line with the positioning of unbiased reviews. Or is it the other way around? Anyway, they also claim that they do not accept commissions from manufacturers. I have given the magazine a brief dekho and the topics are diverse: mobile handsets, fast food services, credit cards and hatchback cars. Quite a spread. Noticed that the iPhone has been given a 73, lower than several Nokia & Sony Ericsson brands. But it is voted the ‘right choice’ for downloading interesting applications. That’s too simplistic and a bit off-the mark, but the reviews can’t afford to get too technical or geeky, given the diversity and profile of likely audience.

Given the surfeit of gadgets and services in India of late, such a review magazine fulfills a certain need. TV channels have their own review programmes now, but they could be seen as amenable to some ‘hype’ from advertisers. Given it’s positioning, this magazine seems well placed to address a specific need for sifting information and guidance.

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  1. SInce 1994 i have not spent more time with any other magazine than going thru right choice.
    I like its purity.

  2. M.Nandakumar Reply


  3. I went through this magazine and its explanation and selection criteria of products after testing and i am truly impressed.
    I would buy products recommended and tested by this magazine such is the faith its generated with the first copy itself.

  4. Sambaran Chatterjee Reply

    I went through the magazine and found many interesting facts and figures of various topics which were not known to me before. Above all the magazine has very useful articles too.
    I wish them Best of Luck for there future endeavor..

  5. really it is one the best magazine for getting knowledge about our day to day products .

  6. it is one of the best magazine i came around. i really like it very much. Hope that this type of magazine should really come around in the market.

  7. This magazine is one of the best magazine through which we know what to use and why it is best to used that product. hopefully this magazine should be printed more and more in order to aware the people from the fraud ed products coming in the market

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