Indibloggies: you don’t win silver and a thank you

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The results of the Indibloggies awards are out. In the Business category, this blog was nominated – but lost out by 9 votes. Time to mourn? Nah. I agree with the Nike ad which said famously, ‘you don’t win silveryou lose gold’. But like Groucho Marx who said, ‘those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others’ I was also reminded of the classic, ‘we’re No.2’ ads from Avis.

Many congrats to all the winners. Among the nominees are several of my favourite blogs, many congrats to them too. And thank you, dear reader for visiting my blog. I am grateful for your time and I immensely value the feedback and comments – online or offline. Looking forward to many more years of blogging!

Now to find 9 of my friends and whack them.

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  1. Sriram Iyer Reply

    Damn! You lost by a very close margin – the other guy had 20 % and you 19%. Nevertheless, you can maro-fy the most over-raped cliché – “Just to be nominated, is such a huge thing”. Aww! 😉

    Thank you, sir for all the free-gyan – keep them coming.

  2. You are a winner just to be nominated. Keep up the good stuff!

  3. Sirjee… On a lighter note ….You don’t win silver you defeat bronze 😉 Best luck…

  4. Congrats for the #2 (as in Avis) …… Don’t bark at this tree, as it was part of the 142 and not the 9 🙂

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