Timberland – old school print advertising

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During the early years of my advertising career, I used to love delving into the Annual Award Show books – The One Show, D&AD Annual etc. The work from the award show regulars then – Fallcon McElligot, The Martin Agency and Leagas Delaney are still fresh in my memory. One among them is the classic campaign for Timberland, created by Leagas Delaney, which went to win many awards and was also featured in The Copy Book.


It was classic long copy advertising – sucker punch of a headline and riveting long copy. The extent to which the product was interrogated and assimilated by the copy writer was evident. The brand’s history, manufacturing process, benefits of every nuance of the product were all studied and brought alive. It wasn’t superficial stuff at all.

Came across this set of print ads for Timberland from the same agency, which are old school advertising. A tongue-in-cheek reference to the infamous US companies, integrated beautifully with the Timberland promise.


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