Snickers’ Don’t Vote Hungry tactical ads: full of beans

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An insight is a penetrating observation about consumer behavior that can be applied to unlock growth.

That was a wonderful, pithy explanation of what a good insight is and brand strategy and creative depend a great deal on it. Snickers’ positioning and the baseline, ‘You are not you when you are hungry’ are great examples of insight-driven, relevant messages from a brand. And on hindsight, every word of the above definition rings true for Snickers – especially the unlock growth part.

The insight and the creative expression have a life beyond 30-second ads and can be applied to virtually all human behaviour. And opportunities to promote that idea abound in public life – when someone famous makes a ‘mistake’ it could be attributed to him being hungry. Events and holidays present opportunities for tactical campaigns. Both the insight and the creative execution are highly extendable.  And now comes the election campaign in time for the US elections.

Agency: BBDO

Nice, no?


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