‘Oh, so you blog? You must have no work then?’

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When someone comes to know that you have a blog, very often, the rhetorical, ‘Oh really, so you have a blog?‘ follows. That’s what is said out aloud. What remains unsaid is: ‘how the hell do you find the time to do all this? It means you have a light work load, eh?’ All sorts of assumptions are quickly made: this guy does not work hard, this guy has work but he is a shirker, he doesn’t have a life …and so on.

I guess it’s all cyclical. I too have seen some people on Twitter virtually 24 hours a day and wondered if they do anything else. Few years ago, teeny boppers who were constantly texting friends through SMS were asked the same question. I am sure my grandma thought TV was addictive (she was right, as all grandmothers are).

It all boils down to one’s personal passion. And how desperately, badly one ‘wants’ a particular thing. Whether it is standing in line outside an Apple Store a day prior to the iPhone launch, finding time to attend a Jazz concert on Sunday, Golf on the weekends, allotting time to read books, play games on Facebook, collect stamps…whatever. If you want to do it, you will find the time for it. I maintained a register where I had details of ads that appeared during a particular TV programme, the agency (if I knew the name), the time and so on. This was before I joined advertising, right out of college.


The way I see it, you gotta be passionate about something in life, outside of your work. Especially if you are in advertising. And that passion need not necessarily come in the way of work. It can also be enriching.

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  1. I think this is my first ever comment on Bhatnaturally. Yay!

    Regarding the post though, many people live under the assumption that work (real work, the sort you do to make a living) has to be painful. Just like studying is “supposed” to be hard. I know one kid who got whacked by his mom because he was smiling at something in a textbook. Enjoyment, people seem to believe, is the exact opposite of what people doing quality work should experience. They should sweat and cry out in pain and complain and whine about work. That is when their effort is given the the credence it deserves.

    In real life however, that is completely wrong. Work is hard, but only if you are a mule drawing a cart. Anyone who ever did anything worth doing, certainly didn’t do so while crying out in pain. Success comes out of enjoyment. Enjoyment comes out of doing what you enjoy. Simple.

    • Great point Vimoh, I know people who crib about work all day just to show that they’re doing a lot of work. But people who do a lot of work don’t waste time cribbing.. when they’re free they like to crack jokes, go out for sutta.. have a good time in short =P

  2. The number of posts in your blog is directly proportional to the number or raised eyebrows, provided your ass with the boss remains constant.

    I am a new blogger, and completely subscribe to the fact that people think if not speak out loud …about bloggers having nothing else to do in life.

    The trouble is I feel guilty deep within, coz i am in the “zone” right now….I see words like matrix and have this urge to pen it down. I also know I ll hit a block someday when nothing will come out right…but hey,we’ll cross the bridge when we get there…for now have to get rid of the guiltoblogophobia. !

    Lets keep the blog flag flying.

    • Good one – The number of posts in your blog is directly proportional to the number or raised eyebrows!

      As @vimoh said, it’s about enjoying what you do.

  3. Very well said. I guess it all comes down to one’s personal choices. When people have time to watch mindless saas-bahu soaps, stupid reality shows it’s not really ‘too much’ to write about something that you truly believe in and passionate about.

    Different people have different hobbies like dancing, singing, sports etc etc. I guess blogging is not such a bad hobby. Afterall, it is more of expressing your thought than anything else.

  4. Absolutely true Krishna! Blogging is not a bad habit,i think its the only best way for spreading information or sharing each other's views and this in turn would be helpful to yourself.

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