@BETCParis takes a big leap for @Lacoste: Life is a Beautiful Sport

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In 1923, on a stroll through the streets of Boston, René Lacoste bet a crocodile-skin suitcase with his Davis Cup team captain, with the condition of winning a big match that afternoon. Though Lacoste lost the game, the nickname ‘The Alligator’ stuck and even led Lacoste to embroider a crocodile on to his white tennis blazer. That’s how the legend of René Lacoste and the famous crocodile logo was born. The founder, René Lacoste never considered sport as just a physical performance, but as a proof of tenacity, engagement and panache. While the brand has its roots in sports, it has successfully straddled the realm of fashion too over the years. Their new promise, ‘Life is a beautiful sport’ brings alive the promise well.

Life is a sport, a challenge that demands courage but above all, an incredible playground.

Lacoste is the official outfitter of the French team at the Sochi Winter Olympics and has premiered a new film, ‘The Big Leap’.

Agency: BETC, Paris

Loved the film and the track – both work in tandem to keep you riveted. And the print ads, while following the codes of the fashion category take the idea forward well too.

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