UNIQLO, IKEA and more: 6 creative ads of the week

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Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. Only a few of them are memorable. Here are a few which caught my eye the week ending 7th Oct, 2017.

1. UNIQLO: Skip Winter

Ads which are a montage of visuals, set to a catchy jingle or music are quite common. One may say that these lack a creative idea but when the ingredients are put together in the right manner, they do make for compelling viewing. Here’s an ad from UNIQLO, showcasing their footwear – the catchy music and the quirky choreography make it memorable.

Creative: Morihiro Harano
Director: Greg Brunkalla via Stink Studios, London

2. IKEA: Sheffield store opening

Ad agency folks believe that certain categories are ‘boring’ and scope for interesting advertising is virtually nil in such (e.g. industrial advertising). One such category would be ‘store opening adverts’ which are usually tactical ads simply announcing a new store. Think of them as new destination announcements in airlines – while some of them highlight a unique aspect of the destination, most announce it in a direct, staid manner. IKEA’s Sheffield store opening is pitched as ‘local homes are preparing for the arrival of The Wonderful Everyday’ with arresting visuals which incidentally do not feature the actual products at all.

Agency: Mother

3. Optrex – screen eyes

Both gadget addiction and worrying about gadget addiction (and pretty much nothing about it) is common nowadays. A film by Optrex taps into this worry by visually dramatising ‘screen eyes’ and providing a remedy.

Agency: Havas

4. Great Western Railway: adventures

I came across the print advert for Great Western Railway over at Newsworks and it immediately triggered memories of Famous Five. Their latest adventure takes them through the stunning backdrop of the South West and Wales as part of GWR’s new marketing campaign for the Intercity Express Train. Loved the positive emotions it triggers – nostalgia of childhood, the romance of travel and more.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

5. Audi Quattro: pre-owned cars

Here are a set of ads with world play – which suggest that the used cars are badly battered but actually highlight great value.

Agency: Lintas, Portugal

6. Fortis Hospitals

I remember seeing these as billboards at Fortis Hospitals in Bangalore. The ads raise awareness about gastrointestinal ailments with clever visual puns.

Agency: Grey, Bangalore

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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