Parle Monaco returns with Aamir

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Saw two new ads for Parle Monaco featuring Aamir. Taking off from where left off with the car sticker ad, Aamir makes life interesting thanks to Monaco. But instead of being mean to or pulling a fast one on others, this time around the contrast between a ‘pheeka‘ (tasteless/dull) situation and a ‘namkeen’ (spicy) one is presented. In one ad, Aamir plays out the ‘aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai‘ in a dirge like fashion. And then the namkeen one is a head-banger’s ball version of the same song. In yet another, Aamir rescues a damsel from a blazing fire without any drama and then proceeds to add ‘namkeen-ness’ to the situation by bursting crackers.

The premise of a brand being the catalyst to a before (boring) – after (exciting) situation, ain’t new. But it’s the little touches in the ad and Aamir’s presence that make the ad laugh out loud. Aamir walking through the human shaped hole in the door and the incongruity of head banger’s ball in a shaadi situation makes it enjoyable. Full paisal vasool for celebrity endorsement.

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  1. indeed..
    their are few ads (75% of them are of Aamir)..when u feel like tumhara do minute kharaab nahi hua…paisa vassol this way too

  2. Does somebody have the video of the “aaj meri yaar ki shaadi” one?

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