Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

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  • Just back from a short break. Lolling in the pool with my daughter for an hour was great! #positweets #
  • Someone's upset when they find out Enfatico is toast #
  • Aargh, lost my wallet. Not much cash but the assorted cards are blocked. Careless me. #
  • Technology is Anthropology and Baba Shreepakdeva's advice to Fake Steve Jobs #
  • Onida ko dekha toh devil yaad aaya on the new Onida TVC #onida #
  • Neil French defends scam ads WTF statement-I don't mind kids trying hard and cheating and lying to get to the top #
  • @additiyom thanks a lot! in reply to additiyom #
  • Heard Rahul Mahajan on Times Now earlier today. He made Rakhi Sawant look like a Mensa member #
  • Local advertising in India – many an alien land #
  • The PUMA Index – a few hundred dollars spent on an iPhone App can do what a $$$ campaign could not do earlier #
  • The Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Time #
  • Microsoft's lack of attention to detail on Windows 7 launch party invites #
  • Tata Sky signal goes kaput as soon as it starts raining. Totally not on. Does it happen with Dish & Airtel too? #
  • Seth's Blog: Launching Brands in Public great idea from Seth Godin and Squidoo #
  • Gary Kirsten's coaching tips- will our boys measure up? #kirsten #
  • India's one day cricket performance now depends on the night before #kirsten #
  • @kvpops 🙂 I think we will know when Afridi becomes 21 next year! in reply to kvpops #
  • Was Yuvraj going solo as per Kirsten's advice? #
  • Not enjoying the way Blackberry handles email. Office mails I forward or read again crop up again as new mail. Something I am doing wrong? #
  • RT: @iyermatter: My 10yr old niece n nephew saw the old Amul 'Taste of India' ad & said: " This is way better than today's ads!" #
  • Audi Garage Door – ingenious stuff to sell a brand when it's not available on shelf #creativeads #
  • Social Network Dating I forgot what used to happen on dates before #
  • Livebrush – fun drawing application with many built in graphic styles my daughter's creation #
  • Am supposed to write an article on festival advertising. Any tips? Which festival ads worked for you? Kurkure? #
  • At sapphire – the toys r us equivalent here. A business where there's demand for any supply #
  • Parents are suckers for everything in a toy shop. A washing machine called Bestlouzy #
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