This LMN ad is not a lemon

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Much action in the lemon drink category in India. Nimbooz made a splash on TV and OOH. Parle Agro’s LMN (considerably better brand name and packaging compared to Nimbooz) has launched a funny new commercial.

The idea, according to the agency (CreativeLand Asia) is the ‘thought that when one is dehydrated, their body mass shrinks’. Not too sure if that’s the most common perception or that’s how consumer’s see it. This is a different take – relevant or not, is another issue. That may not really matter since the  ad is intriguing and keeps you involved. The penny drops about it being a thirst quencher. While Nimbooz compares itself to the real taste of lemon with a squeezer and all that, this one claims to be a emergency refresher. Works for you?

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  1. benson almeida Reply

    love the ad, just wanted to know whats the name of the song they used for it

  2. Unlike the Nimbooz one which has quite an unnecessary desi ‘tadka’ (guy whistling for taxi) the LMN film is sufficiently desi and nice. Even the punch is desi (LMN…LMN…LMN all most like the soppu/malligai/tarkari guy on the street). I like.

  3. Anjali jain Reply

    “mujhe yeh ad bahut accha laga,iska music bahut accha mai jo “aagga” bolte hain wah mujhe bahut hi pasand hain,mai is ad ko bahut dekhti hu
    thanku parle for this ad”.
    Anjali from chittorgarh(rajasthan)

  4. Can someone tell me what is the song/tune used to advertise lmn drink please….

  5. the song is in marathi and has mahrashtrian folk influence. the song goes………
    ” khoop bai khoop lagli ga tahaan mala”
    it means i’m very very thirsty

  6. srry on listenin carefully i heard the song go as
    “hoo bai hoo lagli tahaan mala”
    or it may even be
    “khoop bai khoop lagli tahaan mala”
    both mean i’m very very thirsty

  7. Right now sipping LMN.
    Doesn’t resemble the original nimbu pani.

    Cant wait to have Nimbooz. Not yet available in my area, Kerala.
    The AD of Nimbooz is so refreshing that anyone seeing it would want it !

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