Tata Nano: going beyond public relations

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Tata Nano surely benefited from the PR coverage prior to launch and thereafter. But Tata Nano isn’t relying entirely on PR to create a buzz – their online home hosts a blog, a forum and sells Nano merchandise. The merchandise includes garments, kids stuff, mobile phones and accessories. Given that Nano is already a cool brand thanks to the buzz around it, they haven’t waited for it to be so. They also have a Facebook & Orkut page.

Tata Nano

Of the lot, the blog seems to suffer from lack of attention – the last post is dated January 23, 2008. While it gathered 70 comments on the topic of buying the car online, I guess the role of the blog seems unclear. They should decide on a panel of writers  – maybe employees and an auto expert and keep it updated virtually every day. There could be so many interesting stories about the making of the car, the buzz around the car fit for a blog. But the Facebook & Orkut pages satisfy the needs of those wanting to know more about the car, I guess.

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