Coke Jungle Boy: does it run deep?

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Coca-Cola India’s festive season commercial, titled ‘Deep Jalake Dekho‘ is out. The rationale behind it is appealing and takes a leadership stance. According to the PR blurb: the creative thought of the new campaign is to capture, how the magical power of Coca-Cola bottle especially during the festive season brings family, friends and even strangers together to celebrate happy moments.

The first 20-odd seconds of the ad kept me riveted. There was a sense of something big about to unfold – maybe a twist, maybe a gooseflesh moment. But towards the end I felt a bit disappointed and let down. The ending was as flat as a bottle of Coke kept open for a day. The thought of including a stranger (and one who is unfamiliar with urban life) in the festive celebrations and Coke being the brand that brings them together is nice. But I felt there was something amiss – that magical moment that makes the ad memorable.

The equivalent of these festive ads in the Coke world are the special Christmas spots. Is this Diwali spot comparable to the classic ’90s Christmas spot for Coca-Cola? Judge for yourself.

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  1. it reminds me of the old coke line.. though with reference to the reaction to the ad this time – thanda matlab coca cola 😉

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