Microsoft presses the right buttons

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The battle against pirated software is a long and hard one in India. The biggest loser is obviously the leader, Microsoft, which is perhaps in 95% of Indian PCs (sigh). They have attempted to tackle this problem for some time now through communication, including one which pitted pirated software as a useless dog. I think the battle is best fought if loss of business or loss of face & reputation is conveyed to small businesses. And with the new ad, they have got that insight right.

Microsoft “Value of Original” from Campaign India on Vimeo.

While the earlier idea of pirated software letting you down at the most crucial moment does ring true, that is perhaps more applicable to the individual user. For businesses, the fear of losing out is a stronger trigger. But the battle is far from won, given the brazen attitude of influencers (like those who assemble PCs) who gladly install pirated software. Would a more fearful or scare tactic work better than a light hearted one?

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