Big TV’s 32 cinema halls: mother of all dialogues

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Came across this TVC for Big TV promoting its 32 ‘cinema halls’. I must say that the dialogues and the acting combine to make it a laugh-out loud commercial.

Not just everyday folk, but even the creatives in advertising agencies are usually stuck on two films for ‘inspiration’ when it comes to dialogues: Sholay and Deewar. These are the staple themes for radio spots. If Ramesh Sippy/Salim-Javed had copyrighted their dialogues they would have been millionaires many times over (er…they already are?) by now.

Anyway, this TVC is a fun take on the ‘mere paas maa hai‘ dialogue. The killer moments are the cop asking ‘Maa ke paas laisan hai?‘ and the expression of the girlfriend. Surely, Big TV is better off doing this kind of stuff rather than taking potshots at competition. What say?

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  1. For people like me (ahem… are there more?) who have eliminated the idiot box from their lives (by choice, I assure you), a blog like this is a good way to keep in touch with some of the good stuff going on. Thanks!

  2. Mahesh, I envy you for doing away with the idiot box! And thanks to your comment I discovered your wonderful website and great photography! As someone who has lived in Sri Lanka, I loved your Sri Lanka set of photographs. Awesome!

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