Lost in the dentist’s chair: InChair TV

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InChairTV.jpgJust when I thought that there are still some places where one is safe from advertising messages, I saw this: InChairTV, a startup in the USA is offering a service where patients can watch TV or a movie while in the dentist’s chair! How does it work? Patients wear hi-tech sunglasses and watch programs between 45 minutes and 2 hours, depending on their procedure. The eyewear is specially designed and transforms the portable DVD players screen into a virtual 44″ screen. The programming includes TV shows (Lost, Ugly Betty) or movies (Bruce Almighty) depending the length of the procedure. Ads appear during programme breaks. People have some kind of phobia when it comes to dentists and minus the popcorn this could be a welcome distraction.

In India, given the kind of proliferation of reality shows, if they show Nach Baliye, it would be difficult to decide which is more painful – the root canal or the programming. I would opt for the former.

We already have brand logos on clouds. What next? Temples? Jesus.

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