Of sedentary people and creative briefs

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I often wonder about the Creative Brief of campaigns that I see abroad. The one’s that I like, that is. Is it all in the brief or does the spark happen in the Creative? Do they have brainstorming sessions? What ‘thought starter’ or direction led to the creative piece? Sometimes I attempt to write out the one-line proposition or the essence myself. Helps me improve my own Creative Briefs, me thinks.

Here’s one such campaign to ponder over such questions. Nice art, nice idea from the Ministry of Health, Portugal.


Advertising Agency: Fischer Portugal. Via Ads of the World.

Drives home the point beautifully. Does it motivate you to exercise?

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  1. Nice work. 🙂 I feel, we in India are still on the lets-copy-the-tried-and-tested. And usually here, exceptions apart, we would get a “even a rickshaw puller should understand my ad.” Also, even I follow a similar ritual of deconstructing the Creative. It works wonders. 🙂

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