Bhagwan phir aaye Cycle se

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Two new ads for Cycle Agarbatti’s (incense sticks) are doing the rounds of ad blogs. The explanatory blurb says, ‘in India, all Hindu prayers and religious functions start with the lighting of incense to invoke the gods. Further, in all Hindu homes and business establishments, a puja (prayer) is done at the start of each new day and incense is lit. Thus, Incense sold for religious purposes is the largest reason to buy in this segment. So creating gods from cycle parts solved the marketing problem efficiently and simply’.


Advertising Agency: Mudra Communications, Mumbai
National Creative Director: Bobby Pawar
Creative Directors / Copywriters: Varun Mehta, Mahendra Bheda
Art Directors: Vivek Jadhav, Vijayanand M Kanakuntla
Photographer: Varun Mehta

Hmm, solving what marketing problem? Would this make the user insist on Cycle brand?  Not taking away anything from the creativity of the idea though. While the idea of simply linking the brand name to God(s) is nice, I preferred the last year’s execution. The last campaign was simple in literally explaining how God arrives. I thought this one tried a bit too hard to link it back to Gods. The Art Direction is great, though. What say?

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  1. You are right last years execution was better. I often wonder does this kind of ad really impact the consumer???? I doubt.

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