Apple Underdogs ‘WFH’, Hokkaido and more: creative ads of the week

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Every week I attempt to share a compilation of clutter-breaking creative ads. Aside from these, I occasionally share some views on topics pertaining to the advertising & marketing industry. This week’s compilation includes ads from Apple, Hokkaido – an island in Japan and Motilal Oswal among others.

Apple: The whole working-from-home thing

Last year, Apple released an ad showcasing how a startup team collaborates to create a circular pizza box. The same team is back in a 7-minute sequel adapted to the COVID-19 situation of working from home. A lot of us can relate to the chaos which we have to manage in such situations. The ad obviously exaggerates the distractions and adds drama to the multi-tasking t home. As with all ads from Apple the product and its features are smack bang in the centre of the plot. The ad seems to have evoke mixed reactions – some calling it appalling as is showcases poor leadership, apparently. In my view, regular folks are not going to dissect the ad in such a manner and would only see it as relatable entertainment.

Hokkaido: The Sound of Japan

How do you get people to even consider travelling during the times of a global pandemic? I guess behaviour will not change until consumers feel confident about the risk having mitigated, which could take months. And when that happens there could be room only for a handful of destinations in the consideration set. A new film for Hokkaido which is an island in Japan creates mystique around its main city, Shappiro through an alluring combination of breathtaking visuals and great sound design..

Agency: Spandy Films. Production Company: NEEDaFIXER

Viagra Connect: Don’t let life get in the way of your love story

The brand name Viagra and the category has mostly evoked a non-serious, even humorous connotations over the years. A new film intends to shift the perception by showcasing the stress caused by work and its negative impact on intimacy and relationships. The style of animation and visually depicting the ‘separation’ of the bed brings alive the impact that anxiety can have in our lives. The end result is a touching film which projects the problem and the solution in a realistic, relatable manner.

Agency: VMLY&R

Automobile Association: That Feeling

What do we miss most during the lockdown period? What are we yearning to do when the restrictions are lifted? We all have our favourites. Being able to go on long drives and enjoy the freedom would rank among the top wishes. A cute take on this feeling is a film from Automobile Association in the UK.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Fiat Nova Strada: the legend is back

Sometimes the execution is the idea. Positioning a pick up track Strada as a ‘legend’ allows for another legend to be brought to life: Elvis Presley. Using a body-double and lots of computer graphics, the Fiat Nova Strada’s features are highlighted in an entertaining montage of situations.

Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made

Inspired by Iceland: Let It Out

Yet another brand attempts to capture the feeling of frustration and helplessness experienced by many during the lockdown. Iceland invites people to scream as a form of stress buster. The fun part – your scream can be recorded over at a microsite and will be played in real at a site in Iceland. I guess it would be seen a fun, ‘time pass’ activity and help the brand stay in the consideration set when global travel gets back to normal. Whenever that is. Aaaargh!

Agency: M&C Saatchi

Royal Navy: Submariners

The Submarine Service is considered an elite group in the Royal Navy. Secrecy is at the core of the job requirement as many of the missions are likely to be classified. A new film follows a real recruit on his journey around the world, without ever going anywhere…officially. The voice over explains the nature of the job – ‘completed missions that never happened, been places you won’t find on a map’ etc. The challenging nature and thrill of this undoubtedly tough job is likely to appeal to a select few which seems to be the objective of recruitment.

Agency: Engine

Motilal Oswal: Skin in the game

In India, it is common to see signboards in regular, non-fancy restaurants which says that the owner of the restaurant also eats here. The message is meant to reassure customers about the quality of the food and the hygiene of the place. This insight is used well to convey that the largest investors in the Motilal Oswal mutual funds are its promoters.

Agency: Mullen Lintas

McDonald’s: welcome back

In India we have seen umpteen number of ads which use re-mix of Hindi film songs as jingles. Here’s an ad from UK which uses a famous pop song – Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison very aptly. McDonald’s reopens for take-away, Drive-thru and McDelivery and ‘return of the Mac’ fits in so well with the message.

Agency: Leo Burnett

Dick’s Sporting Goods: see you out there

Ads released in the context of COVID-19 have been a mixed-bag. Many brands have seen this situation as an opportunity to put out public-service messages urging people to stay home or maintain social distancing. Others have tried to convey a message of solidarity – ‘we are with you through this’ or inject hope by dramatising how we will soon be back to normal. A new ad from Dick’s Sporting Goods conveys a message of hope without uttering a word. The magic is created through breathtaking visuals of outdoor activity and an apt choice of track – ‘Sweet Emotion’ by Aerosmith. Loved it.

Agency: Smith Brothers

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