Website watch: Trivial Pursuit

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Trivia lovers like yours truly, would remember the shameful feeling when we ended up on the losing side while playing Trivial Pursuit. An online version of the game could easily have ben a multi-player game between individuals. But Hasbro has taken the concept to a higher level: from mere trivia to a battle of the sexes. So there’s even more at stake.

A new website Trivial Pursuit Experiment, pits men against women to figure out who is smarter. So when you play, you play on behalf of your gender, um er..globally. The campaign video – a stock footage collection of booboos – has the potential to go viral. Don’t bother to log in as the opposite gender and give wrong answers – only the correct answers earn point for your team.

Nice twist of an existing concept to suit online medium, me thinks. No?

Via: Adverblog

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