Bombay Bakery’s edible visiting card: delicious stuff

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Full disclosure: both the client and the creative team behind this project are friends of mine. Pia, the client and Anisha, the creative deserve kudos for this simple yet effective visiting card.

Bombay Bakery

These won two pencils at the One Show – a gold pencil in the ‘Corporate identity – ‘Single’ category, and a silver pencil for the ‘Promotion’ category. Meticulously planned and executed stuff. Visiting cards for divorce lawyers, chiropractors and such are common entries in award shows. Most dramatize the profession – a card that splits in half for a divorce lawyer for example. What I liked about it was that it went beyond linking it to the profession – it created unexpectedness and interaction with the consumer.

Agency: Dizzy Design, Team: Anisha Sarin, Ashutosh Karkhanis 

View the full list of 2009 One Show Pencil winners here (pdf). And the One Show Design Winners here (pdf).

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  1. What an idea!Brilliant!..Simple thought and excellent execution..Kudos to the team..

  2. very interesting! But how do I keep it my wallet? And if I eat it, what use is their number in my stomach?!

  3. Abhishek:) I think you are supposed to quickly memorize the number embossed on the biscuit before you eat it!

  4. a classic case of eating your cake (in this case biscuit) and having it too! Well done anisha!!!!

  5. Not an innovative idea in itself….as an edible card has been done before but I don’t think it’s for a bakery. Though the card has very short shelf life….it does create high memorability. As the product is not an FMCG but rather a service where product experience forms a major part, this visiting card even if consumed cannot be forgotten. Definitely not just very creative but also an effective piece of communication.

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