Vodafone Blue: is anyone seeing red?

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The ad for Vodafone Blue seems to be creating a buzz with most praising its production values. No doubt, it’s a slick, well-executed film but I couldn’t help thinking if there’s a huge disconnect between what the advertising projects and what the product actually is. Priced at Rs.5000 (approx) it is positioned as the phone for Facebook lovers. At that kind of pricing its likely to attract entry level phone seekers. However, since it is Facebook-centred one can assume that it’s focused more at the youth (out of the 32mn Facebook users in India, 48% are in the 18-24 range). So far so good.

But given the product features – 2.4 inch TFT 256k display, Java OS, lack of 3G support (that one may not be a major issue), one gets a decidedly underwhelmed feeling. And since the target audience seeks maximum value for the limited money at their disposal, they may just find the slew of Android phones at similar pricing or just above a lot more attractive.

While the ad itself is engaging, has world-class production values, it may be a tad elitist for the target audience. And the imagery it conjures up (up market, slick) may be a mismatch with what the product delivers. Also, one just wonders if the volumes will justify such a big investment in the film production. Despite all this, Vodafobe Blue may just turn out to be a big hit given the addiction levels of Facebook users. What say?

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  1. I don't think Vodafone is going to get much benefit from these products. As everybody around knows that these phones are not actually manufactured by the company itself instead other phone-makers like Huawei, ZTE etc manufactures for Voda.

    The core company products are in trend now-a-days and we know that most of the core-mobile companies provide Facebook access options.


  2. Hi,

    Greetings, and Warm regards!

    Vodafone Blue as a product still connects to me. One need not explain the fact that everything has to be in crimson color to represent Vodafone, for it is a strong imagery which is forever gonna stay-Just like pink for Hutch!

    Vodafone Blue I think uses this imagery to associate Facebook to this handset as FB has a predominant disposition of Blue, a mnemonic made generic by the brand, for social media. So by going Blue, it is adding this edge for the TG, which you have rightly pointed out. I hope you would give this a thought!

  3. Deepak Narayanan Reply

    The ad is more like a catchy stage play. But the ad talks more about facebook which people already do know and not much about the phone. Its more like an idiots guide to facebook

    Of course it might be a good phone but can FB be the sole thing that can market a phone especially here in India when most ppl use the slow 2G net connection. My personal view is Vodafone(Though primarily not a handset retailer) which generally comes up with brilliant ad strategies shouldnt have solely relied on a social networking website and its charm to sell a phone. There sure is a lot of scope to market a qwerty keypad phone other than FB.

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