40+ examples of cool advertising photography: Part 2

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This is the second installment of cool examples of advertising photography (see the first one here). So without much ado, here goes:

17. Lego

Lunch atop a Skyscraper, taken originally in 1932 by Charles C. Ebbets has been an inspiration for several campaigns (including one for Friends, the TV Show).

Agency: Jung von Matt AG. Photographer: Achim Lippoth.

18. Louis Vitton

Photographed by the renowned Annie Leibovitz, this campaign spells class all the way through. Part of the Louis Vitton Journeys campaign, the other celebrities include Catherine Deneuve, Keith Richards, Sofia Coppola and her father Francis Ford Coppola and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Reminded me of several such features & portraits done by Annie for the Rolling Stone Magazine. Incidentally, Annie has shot a few advertising campaigns including the famous American Express campaign in the ’80s.

19. Mao Bao Dishwashing Liquid

Great art, nice concept – liquid dishwash with Dahlia essence.

Agency: Bates 141 Taiwan. Photographer: Tse-I Lai

20. Mattel

Simply stunning. Conveys an amazingly cool attitude.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Frankfurt. Photographer: Kajetan Kandler

21. Nike Shox – Fresh Colours

This won an award at the Epica Awards, in 2005. It’s not hard to see why.

Agency:DDB, Paris, France. Photographer: Jean-Baptiste Degez

22. Nutribalance

Bad dog food makes a bad dog but makes a good ad. Amazing how such an elaborate story is conveyed in a telegraphic manner in this set of ads. I am sure there is a generous amount of retouching involved (or is it all retouching?) but makes for a funny visual.

Agency: Prolam Y&R Santiago, Santiago, Chile

23. Penguin

Escape into a book, is the claim. The everyday scenario of the ad captures it so well.

24. Perlana

‘Keep the strength of black alive’ is the claim.

Agency: BBDO D’Adda Lorenzini Vigorelli, Ital

25. Puma

‘Lite injected foam technology’ is the claim. Looks hit tech enough  – this one featuring Usain Bolt.

Agency: Droga 5, USA. Photographer: Nadav Kander

26. Rowenta

‘Silent vacuum cleaner’, is the claim.

Agency: Publicis Frankfurt, Germany. Photographer: Achim Lippoth

27. SHS Teen Clothes

Goodbye Innocence is the insightful claim for the clothing line for teens. Awesome detailing in these ads.

Agency: Callegari Berville Grey, Paris, France. Photographer: Riccardo Bagnoli

28. Skoda

Loved the detailing of this ad. Seem to discover little new nuances in every viewing.

Agency: Leagas Delaney Prague, Czech Republic. Photographer: Goran Tacevski

29. Volkswagen: Black with red leather

Agency: DDB

30. Wrangler

Did this campaign deserve a Cannes Grand Prix in 2009? Debatable. But isn’t the photography cool?

Similarly bizarre themed campaign for Wrangler Red did the rounds of ad blogs recently.

Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris

31. Yamaha Motor

You may to strain a bit to get the idea, but conveys the idea of marine motors beautifully.

Agency: Red Cell SPA, Italy

Hope you enjoyed the collection. Do comment in. Also, suggestions on other great campaigns with cool photography welcome.

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