Mob culture and new media

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An article of mine was published in the Brand Wagon supplement of The Financial Express, today.

Here is a link to the article. Would love to hear your comment, views. As an aside, why do I always wish that I could have written an article differently, better after it has been posted? Divine dissatisfaction or eternal dissatisfaction?

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  1. Very rightfully written article. But most organization do not care about the negative conversations happening about them.

    As a customer I have faced similar situations where orgs do not respond or take it very easy when comes to a complaint. For eg: there is this magazine whose service I do not like but I really like their content and therefore I requested the cancellation of subscription. But they have been very relaxed in doing that. I personally do not want to spoil their name in the market since their content is very good but sometimes the consumer is forced to resort to these methods.

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