Apple Watch ‘911’, iPhone 13 Pro cinematic mode and more: brilliant new creative ads

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Beyond advertising portals, a new ad, titled ‘911’ for Apple Watch Series 7 is creating a buzz on the mainline news and social media. Aside from this another creative ad from the stable of Apple – dramatising the iPhone 13 Pro’s cinematic mode, is being widely appreciated. Here are my picks of clutter-breaking creative ads of the past week:

Apple Watch Series 7: 911

‘Focusing is about saying ‘no’ is one among the many popular quotes of Steve Jobs. He went on to elaborate: ‘saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully’. Apple seems to have done just that with its latest ad for Apple Watch Series 7 focusing on how it helped them call 911 in situations of emergency. It must be remembered that one needs the GPS + Cellular version of the watch for this functionality. The ad has an eerie feeling about it leaving the viewer both shocked and relieved. For me, such initiatives send a subliminal message to both current users and prospective buyers of the Apple Watch. To the former it validates their choice even though they may not (or at least hope not) be in such situations often. As many lower-priced smart watch options are available in the market now such communication gives a potential customer a strong reason-why to opt into the Apple product ecosystem.

Wakefit: rant on WFH

In 2016, I had written how ‘content marketing’ is different yet similar to advertising. A new film for Wakefit is designed to reach one’s WhatsApp eventually as it is an entertaining rant from someone who is supposedly upset about employers asking their teams to show up at the work place. The roundabout but ostensible reason is that the protagonist has got so used to the comfort of the Wakefit sofa, working from home during the days of extended lockdowns. I was surprised to note that it had under 2K views (when I checked last) on YouTube when some basic, product-window led 30-second ads have millions of ‘views’.

Agency: Spring Marketing Capital

iPhone 13 Pro: cinematic mode

It takes a gutsy agency-client team to present the ‘hero’ product feature – cinematic mode, in a light-hearted fashion and not the brand the story too seriously. The audience is most likely to stay glued to till the reveal when the penny drops and brings a smile on one’s face. Loved it.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day

AXA – Birders

I thought the link to the category (motor insurance) and the brand was tenuous but still it made for a heart warming ad. The central message ‘stay focused on what matters’ does come through as facets of relationship, love and caring shine through in a format that moves away from problem-solution or just a laundry list of product features.

Agency: Publicis Conseil/Paris

British Heart Foundation: This is Science

Ads seeking donation for research-led initiatives are tough briefs. In the case of British Heart Foundation the area of research is not obscure but still needs to be brought alive for someone to be moved enough to donate. The creative route is to dramatise the real stories of people who are alive today thanks to donations.

‘From stem-cell coated plasters to 3D printed hearts, the research we fund at the British Heart Foundation helps deliver lifesaving breakthroughs and turns science fiction into reality’ is a proposition brought alive well in this film.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

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Bloom & Wild: care wildly

Even if watched without the audio the central message of this ad – ‘it’s the thought behind a gesture of sending flowers that counts’ comes through clearly. With the power of audio and beautiful visuals (even those of wilted flowers) it does a great job of pitching this brand of flower bouquets as a cut above. In a way, it reminded me of the classic ad for Hallmark cards.

Agency: The Or, London

When it comes to property hunt, we always look for that one which we ‘fall in love with’. Hence, when Savills UK’s premise ‘whether you’re looking for your next home or trying to find the perfect buyer, Savills will help you find The One’ is interpreted as a love story there is a fit. Apparently, the brand has been consistent with its theme of ‘Love Stories’ which is also heartening to see in the context of ever-changing communication themes from brands.

Agency: Isobel

ITV: Dancing on ice

Can a regular TV spot look like a mixed-media effort? Apparently it can in this promotional spot for ITV’s ‘Dancing on Ice’ which visually showcases how it feels to participate in the show.

Merge Mansion: grandma

A discovery puzzle that ‘keeps surprising players’, Merge Mansion is a game on iOS and Android. ‘What’s grandma hiding?’ is the intriguing question which makes us want to know more. The context is just right for Kathy Bates (remember her in ‘Misery’?) and leads to some fun spots.

Agency: W+K, Portland

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