Seen and noted: Chef Boyardee

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I’ve seen tonnes of campaigns on ad blogs like Ads of the World where a  concept is executed across 4 or 5 ads, as part of a campaign. Some of them require just one ad to drive home the point, but end up having more than one execution – like this one for Okuma or this one for Hiltl.

This campaign for Chef Boyardee caught my simply because while it conveyed a single thought – you can never get kids to like healthy food, it does so interestingly across different executions, lines. I also loved the tag line: Obviously Delicious. Secretly Nutritious.

Agency: DDB, San Francisco, USA. Via: Ads of the World

As an aside, sometime food products aimed at kids take a double barrelled approach i.e appeal to mothers with the proposition and appeal to kids with the execution. And end up doing neither well. Good to see something that talks to parents in a focused manner with tongue firmly in cheek.

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