Cadburys Shubh Aarambh: well begun

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Alright, the new Cadburys Shubh Aarambh commercials are getting talked about. As a concept, I liked it better than ‘pehli tareekh‘, the previous one. While there is an air of positivity around payday and the concept allows for huge visibility every month, it could lead to fatigue – how often can you hear about payday & CDM?

Like everyone else, I quite liked the bus stop ad – it’s sweet, watchable and all that. The second one (‘Jeans‘) seems to have had mixed reviews. What seems to have worked in both the ads is the context – everyday, regular situations instead of ‘life changing’, serious situations like interview etc. The light heartedness and endearing nature of the situations contribute to the repeat value. And a nice extension of ‘Kuch meetha ho jaaye’ space.

Yet, I have a niggling doubt. Do we really share sweets before starting off on something good? I thought sweets were consumed after the culmination of something positive, to celebrate something good that has happened. Unless I am completely out of touch with reality. Or maybe it’s a North Indian thingy. What say?

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    • flirtingshadows Reply

      @bhatnaturally I also thought of sweetened curd when I read yr post. My grandmom would insist on it before exams, project submissions, etc.

  1. Hi,

    CDM over the last couple of years has managed to enter the meetha space via the occasion led consumption route.
    While most past campaigns like " Pappu pass ho gaya" focussed on meetha after something good had happened, this one talks about meetha before a new start ( Pre event ). It is quite common in North India to make an auspicious beginning with sweetened curd or maybe just sugar if not mithai or sweets – but is mostly limited to writing exams or appearing for interviews. The "Bus Stop" & "Jeans" ads promise to connect with a much wider audience as compared to a possible exam/job theme. It is quite interesting to note that Shubh Aarambh ads on radio are infact covering the more conventional exam & new job themes also.

  2. Curd is a part of things. But sweets are not. Its the normal over-extension of rituals that seem cute.

    Just the way Valentine's Day is the day to profess your love. And north indians are not a different breed of people. We too find such ads strange. 🙂

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