Snickers #hungrymistakes: idea taken to the next level

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I love everything about the Snickers ‘you are not you when you are hungry’ campaign. It is based on a great insight, articulated well and the central idea is so ‘campaignable‘. We’ve seen some great theme and tactical ads as part of the campaign. Mostly they have been about the brand telling the viewer what it is like to be hungry and how Snickers offers a solution. In UK, they did a very clever Twitter campaign which brought alive the proposition for the viewer to experience the proposition of ‘you are not you when you are hungry’. A new outdoor campaign takes it to the next level – actually showing people what the downside of being hungry. The idea: create installations which have obvious ‘faults’ in them alongside the brand message.

Snickers #hungrymistakes



Agency: BBDO

Loved the unexpectedness of it, the fit with the brand idea and the subtle yet memorable branding.

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