Apple Watch Series 6, Tesco Clubcard and more: top creative ads of the week

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Every week, I attempt to share a compilation of clutter-breaking creative ads. I also occasionally share my views on industry topics. This week, my compilation of creative ads include TV spots from Apple for the Apple Watch Series 6, Tesco UK for its Clubcard and more.

Apple Watch Series 6: it already does that

Over the years, the Keynote events held by Apple have been master classes in both PR and presentation. The hallmarks have been scripted speeches, visually impactful slides and media attention. Of course, not every company is Apple and not all product launch events are as highly anticipated or create as much buzz as theirs. Many brands in the tech space such as Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, Microsoft and others organise high-profile events with enthusiastic participation from tech bloggers and media. They too have improved the delivery of such events through impactful visual content and slick presentations. But in terms of media buzz and PR prior to and on the day of the event, Apple seems a cut above.

The precedent was set in 2007 when the iPhone was announced in January but the actual launch was in June that year. It gave 6 months of unprecedented media coverage and anticipation of the original iPhone. Apple released the famous, minimal ‘Hello’ TV spot during the Oscars ceremony telecast that year. Such a long window of opportunity is not a reality anymore as most of the product announcements are already ‘leaked’ by tech sites. However, the keynote sessions have always been slick, clock-work like productions. This year, Apple was forced to change the format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The presentation is essentially one long pre-recorded video with earlier practices such as following a script continued.

Among the announcements made on September 15 event was the launch of Apple Watch Series 6. A new TV spot highlights various features such measuring blood oxygen, tracking sleep, sending an alert if your heart rate is too low or high, taking an ECG, tracking your elevation and calling 911 if you take a fall are packaged as ‘things of the future’ which are already available – all executed with a touch of humour.

TESCO Clubcard: power to lower your prices

A loyalty card which offers special prices to customers is not really a new feature in retail. A new ad for Tesco’s Clubcard makes it fun by portraying it as some sort of super-power injected gadget which magically lowers prices. A fun watch.

Cadbury Twirl Orange: precious cargo

Apparently, there was a shortage of Cadbury Twirl after it was launched last year in the UK. This year, the brand has capitalised on that development by creating a stunt while delivering the product to retailers. The armoured vehicles, a battery of security guards accompanying the delivery – as if it was precious cargo attracted amused onlookers who ‘got’ the joke. Loved it.

Agency: VCCP

Mosaic Life Insurance: protect yourself

The year 2020 has been horrid, to say the least. Many have internalised that this year ‘anything can happen’ and it’s likely to be bad. An insurance brand in Canada has tapped into this mindset with a set of billboards.

Via Ads of the World. See more here. Agency: Conflict, Canada

Hornbach: It seems impossible. Until you do it

A hallmark of using a visual medium like television well is being able to get the idea even if the voice over is in a language you don’t understand. A new TVC for Hornbach a DIY brand in Germany dramatises the chores with the line ‘It seems impossible. Until you do it’. The visually arresting technique is to portray the protagonist as a miniature figure facing the daunting task of repairing a sink – where the objects feel larger than life.

Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin

Panera: Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton was a popular singer of the 90s known mainly for his cheesy love songs. ‘When a man loves a woman’ was among the many hits he produced. Apparently, he loved the food from Panera during the lockdown period and reached out to the brand. The result, a love song titled ‘When Some Mac Loves Broccoli Cheddar’.

This Girl Can: Me Again, Again

In 2015, ‘This Girl Can‘ campaign was launched in the UK to encourage more women to take up sport and physical exercise. Since then the campaign has had several refreshes as it is a highly campaignable idea. A new spot celebrates the many ways women have stayed fit during extended lockdown periods.

Agency: FCB Inferno

PlayStation: The Edge

The world of console games is not something I am familiar with. But it conjures images of surreal fantasy worlds in my mind. Serious gamers will perhaps be able to identify this a new ad for Playstation with the tag line: ‘play has no limits’. A nice follow up to the earlier one with the same theme.

Kraft Heinz: #SilenceTheRumble

Personification of a problem helps in bringing it alive and create awareness. In the UK,  one in five children is currently at risk of going to school hungry. The resultant rumbling feeling arising out of hunger is portrayed as a monster which hinders a child’s attention in school. The spot aims to create awareness of the problem and announce Heniz’s partnership with Magic Breakfast, a charity which provides healthy breakfasts to needy children.

Agency: BBH

Farrow & Ball: Relax, It’s Modern Emulsion

Arriving at the creative idea is often linked to some sort of benefit laddering technique and asking the right questions. For a premium emulsion brand, asking ‘to what extent would you go to protect its premium finish?’ leads to interesting possibilities.

Agency: BMB

Laughing Man: nice morning

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have had some friendly sparring and banter on social media. The former owns Aviation Gin (sold to Diageo recently) and Mint Mobile while the latter owns the coffee brand, Laughing Man. A new spot pokes fun at Hugh Jackman portraying him as a cussed old man until his coffee acts as a mood changer.

Expedia: Let’s take a trip

Travel brands have it tough this year. With a majority of consumers unwilling to make travel or vacation plans, brands in the category have to really think hard to stay relevant and top of mind. A new spot from Expedia has some cool stop animation which is attention grabbing and urges consumers to take the first step – at least plan for a trip through a search. Everyday objects such as bedsheets and laundry cue holiday activities which are likely to trigger the holiday bug among many.

Paul Rudd Wants You To Wear A Mask

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York State, roped in a celebrity to create awareness among millennials about the need to wear a mask to beat the ongoing pandemic. The celebrity, 51-year old American actor Paul Rudd (‘certified young person’) uses language associated with millennials to drive home the point.

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