IKEA’s ‘Tomorrow Starts Tonight’, Dream11 and more: creative ads of the week

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It is said that a majority of ads go unnoticed. It is such a pity considering the huge investments and efforts that go behind the creation of ads. Being noticed and disliked is a better state to be in than being ignored completely. No wonder the No.1 job of an ad is to be noticed – everything else is academic. In that context clutter-breaking creative ads deserve recognition. Here are a few which caught my eye this week:

IKEA: Tomorrow Starts Tonight

Never underestimate a good night’s sleep is a common proposition among mattress brands. The implication is that if your day is ruined because of lack of energy, it could be due to lack of restful sleep the previous night. The idea is brought alive wonderfully in a new outdoor campaign from IKEA which taps into a common consumer behaviour too- relying on night creams, pills and other products to ensure a good night’s rest. The visuals juxtapose such products with IKEA’s products such as pillows and sheets. Special mention must be made of the wonderful tag line ‘Tomorrow Starts Tonight’ which was revealed in this wonderful take on the ‘tortoise and the hare’ fable.

Agency: Mother, London

Allstate: smooth

‘The safer you drive, the more you save’ is the message in this ad for Allstate insurance. The best part about is that the viewer is most likely to nod in agreement thanks to the intriguing build up which helps viewers make the connect in their heads.

Cadbury Dairy Milk: the originals

In 2019, Cadbury tied up with Age UK to create the ‘Donate your words‘ campaign to help alleviate loneliness among old people – they often go a whole week without speaking to anyone. A new version of the campaign urges people to converse with old people but not limit it to typical questions such as if they slept well or are feeling cold. It all ties in nicely with ‘who knows what words you get back’.

Agency: VCCP

John Lewis: For the Joy of Home

Big retail brands in UK are known for their landmark Christmas adverts. A new autumn campaign for John Lewis dramatises the goings on in modern-day Britain with references to work-from-home and kids being playfully naughty – all guaranteed to bring a smile.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Aviation Gin: Homeschool edition

The extended lockdown periods have thrown up many challenges. Kids learning at home is a special one for parents and calls for something ‘special’ to cope with it. Actor Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin comes to the rescue with a gigantic bottle and ‘more ounces’ which can help with a variety of subjects. The actor’s dry sense of humour and comic timing makes it a fun watch – just like the previous campaigns.

CRED: not everyone gets it

Many in India have commented on social media about the poor quality of ads seen during the broadcast of the Indian Premier League this year. The sporting event is considered to be the Super Bowl equivalent in India given it popularity and scope to create buzz. Many ‘new age’ brands – primarily app based, have benefitted from visibility during the tournament. This year among the very few ads which broke the clutter was the one from CRED – a credit card payment & rewards app. The ad is aimed at driving app downloads. The self-deprecating humour was oddly entertaining and may help in creating brand name awareness and curiosity about the app.

Dream11: Yeh Apna Game Hai

The category of fantasy game apps may border on betting but seem to be gaining popularity in India given the traction in terms of VC investments. The marketing campaign of Dream11 has consistently focused on the fan, rather than on the app – dramatising the craze and passion for the game. A new set of ads, easily the best thus far seen during the IPL 2020, highlight the quirky ‘rules’ of street cricket in India. The casting of celebrities as celebrities is different with them shorn of any airs and being treated as one among us. Loved it.

Agency: Tilt Brand Solutions

Aside from the anthem film, short 20-seconders focus on a specific ‘rule’ which a big name cricketer is forced to concede to.

The Whole Truth: our food is screwed

The current COVID-19 pandemic has raised our guards regarding immunity and consuming hygienic, healthy food. In that context a video from The Whole Truth Foods caught my attention both in terms of its messaging and execution. The video features the founder busting some myths about the ingredients which go into packaged food and positions the brands as one which tells the whole truth. Some have pointed out that the execution is similar to The Dollar Shave Club videos. Nevertheless, the ‘package’ resonates and likely to find many takers.

McDonald’s: bitten billboards

The drool factor of food advertising is usually brought alive in audio-visual medium or print. Both are conducive for eye-catching rich visuals which make the food look delicious. A clever outdoor stunt in Paris for McDonald’s drives home the taste by having kiosks and billboards ‘bitten off’ at the sides.

Agency: TBWA/Paris

B&Q: Build a life

A recent TV campaign for a DIY and home improvement brand – B&Q presented a higher order benefit of getting things done at home: the feel good factor of building something. ‘We don’t just build a home, we build a life’ was the key promise. A new set of striking billboards take the idea forward in the static medium.

Agency: Uncommon

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