Lenor fabric softener: visual story telling

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This campaign for Lenor Fabric Softener will rank as one of the most striking campaigns of this year.


Agency: Grey, Lima, Peru

One might say that this is ‘category sell’ and the benefit is true of all fabric softeners. But the execution is clutter-breaking and evokes that ‘aha!’ reaction in you. It is doing the rounds of ad blogs which typically share the same set of work. The quality of work varies and its a sea of ideas: print, TV, outdoor, digital, ambient and so on. Amidst all this clutter and information overload very few concepts have an instant appeal & stick in your head. This was once such campaign for me. Hope in real life scenario too it worked. Likely contender for awards this year? Also, must hand it to these South American art directors. They take a concept to another level all together in execution.

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