Seen and noted: Lucky Cat candy packaging

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Ingenious stuff, this. We see two gum ball shaped candies. The creative mind sees a cat. Here’s a cute packaging for a candy – a cellophane sheet transforms them into Maneki Neko – a lucky charm.

Lucky Cat

The facial expression of the cat changes in every pack. Enough to make adults fight for it with kids. Via  The Die Line.

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  1. yeah, great stuff. I wonder if any Indian candy companies would take the risk of going creative like this.

    Hey and btw – where’s your Lays wala post – did they ‘force’ you to remove it?

    • On Lays, I took down the post. Didn’t research the facts properly. Walkers UK belongs to Frito Lays now! So, it is just cross-continent learning! Felt stupid.

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