Good design: moat against competition for brands


There was an interesting discussion on what ails the design industry in India over at Storyboard featuring some industry insiders. Herewith some unsolicited thoughts on the subject: Good design is the best, often only, competitive edge The days of genuine, tangible product-driven USP are long over. Parity is the norm across brands in most categories. Price can be competitive edge in the short...

New Frooti: striking visual language


Noticed the new Frooti creatives via a billboard recently and thought it was striking. Even in that fleeting medium the visual and the branding was clutter-breaking. First rule of advertising passed. My view on the overall work is that it is highly noticeable and showcases the new design very well.

Hard Rock Casino: art direction with an idea


In advertising, is not uncommon to perceive art direction as beautification of an ad. The copy-art team sometimes think independently and one adapts to the others' idea. But when an idea drives the campaign embellished with great art & copy, magic happens. A new campaign for Hard Rock Casino from Canada seems to be that kind - driven by an idea and made better through craft.

Intrusion and clutter as advertising strategy: the design chaos in Indian media


Remember those cricket live telecasts on Doordarshan where an ad would be inserted barely after the last ball of an over is bowled? It was as if a sarkari official was itching to press the play button of an ad on every possible ‘break’ – real or imagined. And it only drove us viewers up the wall, forgetting to pay attention to the ad (which was quite often stopped mid way to get...

Cafe Coffee Day’ 2014 planner – Sitdownopedia: designed for cool quotient


Last year, Creativeland Asia revealed their #SitDown campaign for Cafe Coffee Day. It was an extension of ‘a lot can happen over coffee’ and urges to sit down and chat things over a cup of coffee. The agency has taken the #Sitdown idea forward with a Planner for 2014, dubbed ‘Sitdownopedia’. To quote the entry over at Behance: Café Coffee Day ran a campaign last year with...

iOS 7 and Apple’s history of change


At the recent WWDC, Apple announced several products, including the next Mac OS X (Mavericks), a new Mac Pro and a refurbished Macbook Air. Among those, the Mac Pro and Mavericks are definitely drool worthy and buzz worthy. But expectedly the big debate is on iOS 7. Some have dubbed it as a copycat with nothing revolutionary on offer. Many, including die hard Apple fans have simply loathed the...

The Indigo Airlines brand identity: consistency (and a couple of other things) pays


I don’t remember liking that Indigo Airlines font the first time I saw it. I did not think it had a premium feel to it; I was unfair perhaps, since I formed an opinion without flying the airline. Over the years, their advertising has had its effect on me, mainly driven by the smile inducing one liners. That cheeky tone of voice had an effect on me and I overcame my dislike for that font...

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