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Coca-Cola spreads happiness with ‘sing-along’ carols


Sweet little activation idea for Coca-Cola in Singapore. Nice fit with the brand promise of ‘Open Happiness’. Agency: Ogilvy As far as activations, go this would be one where the brand idea is conveyed in a subliminal way; unlike others which are action oriented. Either way, new media offers such wonderful opportunities to bring the brand promise alive. It takes some out of the box...

Harley Davidson ‘Open Road Film Festival’: branded content done right


Loved the thinking behind this project for Harley Davidson. It started off with a genuine consumer-driven business problem: how do you get someone to truly experience a Harley Davidson in a typical, traditional test drive that only lasts for about half an hour? The solution: a 24-hour test drive. That in itself is a brilliant idea for the category and the brand. The idea is further enhanced by...

Tata Sky ‘prison break’ ad: a counter point


The description over at YouTube says: Tata Sky+ HD’s latest TVC is the longest TV commercial (with a run time of 3 min, 30 secs) to be telecast in the history of Indian advertising. Prison Break is an extremely fast paced, gripping story, where a bunch of foreign convicts plan to escape from an Indian prison during the India Pakistan match. Tata Sky+ HD is somehow involved in intercepting...

Apple iPhone ad ‘Everyday’: the power of focus and emotion


‘Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera’. That’s the simple proposition. Nothing about a 1GHz processor or anything remotely technical about the camera or the lens. Yet it makes for compelling viewing. I am sure it makes many non-iPhone owners just a tad positively inclined towards the iPhone. While it is one of the best commercials to come out of...

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