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Coke’s print ad which you can ‘hear’ and other top creative ads of the week


If an ad is not noticed, everything else is academic. Unfortunately, a majority of the ads go un-noticed. Among the few which catch our attention, only a smaller number remain memorable. Here are a few creative ads which caught my eye this week: Coke: a print ad you can hear The human brain is conditioned to imbibe the familiar in such a manner that it automatically evokes visual and other...

Apple, AT&T and more: 5 top creative ads of the week and a blast from the past


It’s not been a week of rich pickings when it came to clutter-breaking creative ads this week. My picks include TV spots from Apple on the occasion of Earth Day, AT&T about the future of technology and a blast from the past from Tide. Apple: Don’t Mess With Mother ‘Seeing is believing’ when it comes to the capabilities of a mobile phone’s camera. While many...

7 top creative ads of the week: IKEA, Samsonite India and more


My weekly pick of compelling creative ads includes an outdoor campaign from IKEA in the UK, a call from Samsonite urging people in India to cast their vote even if it means travelling to another state or city and more. IKEA: Steps In advertising some categories and tasks are considered ‘boring’ – typically industrial products and requests like brochures or select tactical ads. A...

Audi, @HondaRacingF1, @TravelOregon and more: 11 top creative ads of the week


As with everything that we consume in the form of media or entertainment – books, movies, news articles and music, a large part of advertising goes unnoticed as it is not remarkable. We are exposed to hundreds of commercial messages everyday. Only a handful of them get our attention and an even lesser number stays in memory. Here are a few creative ads which caught my eye this week: Audi:...

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