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Emirates NBD, SAP and more: 10 top creative ads of the week


Almost 90% of ads are ignored. That’s a fate worse than ads being disliked – in which case, at least they were noticed. Mediocre, run-of-the-mill ads are the ‘normal’ in advertising, resulting in a colossal waste of effort and money. Among the hundreds of commercial messages we see every day (in various formats – print ads, TV spots, outdoor, Instagram posts, tweets)...

8 top creative ads of the week: McDonald’s, Coca Cola and more


I attempt to compile a list of compelling creative ads, which usually are just a handful among the hundreds of ads we see everyday. Last week, I took a break and shared some notes from a marketing & advertising conference. This week’s compilation includes TV commercials from Savlon, Cadbury’s and print work from McDonald’s among others. McDonald’s: vegetarian food...

Brand purpose, copywriting, Kumbh Mela and more: notes and observations from #ZeeMelt: Part 2


I recently attended Zee Melt, a marketing & advertising conference. I shared my notes and observations through a blog post earlier this week, covering presentations from Mr. R S Sodhi of Amul and Dave Trott.  In this post, I share my notes on presentations from a few others. Rory Sutherland: what are we missing? I have been a fan of Rory Sutherland for a while now, following his TED...

Notes and observations from #ZeeMelt: Part 1


I am in a dilemma sometimes about where to post by blogs – on this platform (where the reach is limited) or on LinkedIn where the reach is potentially larger. I shared this article earlier this week on LinkedIn. Zee Melt – a two-day conference on marketing & advertising was held in Mumbai last week. I am not a regular conference goer but from what I see and hear on social...

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