When employees rate their CEOs

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On the internet, when people can ‘rate’ anything from a DVD to a car, can CEO-ratings & Company-ratings be far behind? Glassdoor is a website that claims to provide 40,000 ‘worker reviews’ of some 9,800 companies around the world. The CEO’s are rated too. Steve Jobs, my CEO-hero is rated well by 91% of his employees. More average ratings include Michael Dell at 66 percent, and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer at 55.

The sign up process is not simple – it requires you to rate your company on many parameters and then go beyond a simple rating – write stuff about your company, including advice to the CEO! This might be a deterrent. On the flip side, it could also be seen as sifting out the ‘ranters’ who might simply see this as an opportunity (you can rate your company anonymously) to trash their employer-CEO.

The site has potential to become a reference portal for potential job seekers, HR managers and CEOs. It also keeps out media bias (negative or positive) since it seeks employee ratings. Definitely a site to watch out for in the months to come.

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