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Guest writing at Smoking Apples


Add this to the mysteries of the world, but I have been invited by the good folks at Smoking Apples to write for them. They already have a great blog going on all things Apple, so why would they risk having me on board? Check out my first post here. And on a threatening note, I promise to write more for them.

Close-Up: closer the better, but on TV


Closeup’s new TVC is on air in India. The jingle for the commercial has a haunting quality about it – the kind of stuff you keep humming long after you’ve seen the film. Does the film have an idea? Well, iffy. It’s the old time-tested boy meets girl story but the execution, combined with the jingle makes it highly watchable. Some youth brands really try too hard to...

Modernista’s siteless site – an agency that ‘gets’ the new web


One of those ‘I wish I had thought of this’ moments happened today. I discovered the website of a Boston-based advertising agency, Modernista. The agency is known for its work on Hummer and the re-design of the BusinessWeek website. The agency’s website unnerves you for a second – making you wonder if you have landed at someplace you shouldn’t have been. The...

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