Tata Tea’s Jaago Re initiative: I have idea envy

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I had written about Tata Tea’s 2007 initiative earlier. The difference between ‘being awake’ and ‘awakening’ was brilliantly captured in the Jaago Re ad. I had said that it would take a huge initiative beyond a TVC to bring this idea alive. I think they have found the big idea with the issue of voting.

This year’s Tata Tea TVC drives home the point that if you abstain from voting you are shirking responsibility. And a tie up Janaagrahaa and the online initiative is a fantastic extension of the TVC. Overall, this should rank among the best brand ideas of late in the Indian advertising scene. A couple of observations though, the number of registrations are still pretty low on the website. Will a language version of the site help? Maybe activation programmes (they could be on already) with mobile vans?

Hats off to the team behind this campaign. I think it ‘awakens’ you to the possibility of a big idea even in an undifferentiated product.

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  1. virendra mital Reply

    Please send me the application form for getting my address changed of my Election Card. You guys a doing a great favour to India through these adds. Keep it up.

    • Virendra, a small matter of detail. I am not the Election Commissioner. You could try the Jaago Re website for your election card woes. Now I am scared to write about any ad with a rational benefit. People may write to me asking for ration card.

  2. Gaurav Chauhan Reply

    the advertisment is good , idea is brilliant but the overall script lacks something, i had a nice idea in mind regarding the jaago re ad, i just wonder to whom i should tell that…

  3. Jago Re is a great commercial to educate but you missed out on one lot the JUDICIARY. Can bring them in to light? Will it be a problem?Look at the way commissions are set up.Whats the out come it only a way to appoint retired judges to keep earning at our cost,Liberhans Commission is a case in point which is sitting for almost 2 decades with some witnesses dead & gone.

  4. well done guys , now why cant you try on “JUDICIARY” .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WOULD like to be a part of it . “JAAGO INDIA JAAGO”

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