DNA Bangalore edition: I believe it’s postponed

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When the promoters of DNA approached me at home sometime this September, I was told that the launch is in October. I even paid the annual subscription upfront. When I did not see any announcer activity in media, I was curious. When I got a call from them asking for details of y current subscriptions I was told that the launch is in November. Now I see an outdoor campaign stating that the launch is slated for Dec 1. The campaign showcases people and ticks off a box saying that they are believers.

This leg of the campaign is similar to the pre-launch phase of the Mumbai edition, where those who had subscribed to the paper were showcased. That campaign made sense since there was a setup about people willing to subscribe and those that weren’t. The Mumbai ads are here:


This was followed by ads showcasing real subscribers- their Subscriber ID adding to the authenticity.


Without a buildup on the subscription front, this ‘believer’ business has only a tenuous link to the main ‘I believe in Bangalore’ campaign. That apart, the delay in the product launch has taken the steam out of the teaser and the pre-launch campaign. The last time a pre-launch hype worked (that too without much advertising) was with the iPhone. And DNA is no iPhone to sustain interest through advertising for 6 months. A case of not having the back-room in place before the advertising? Not surprisingly, the advance collection of subscription fee without the product being in place has not gone down well with consumers. The mismatch in timing has hasn’t helped DNA’s cause in Bangalore. Believe me.

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  1. Honestly, the teaser campaign didn’t work for me as i felt it was too generic. There was nothing so Bangalore about it. The second leg of the teasers were lame too.Now with this, I dont think they will gain any lost ground. I think with a strong thought like ‘I believe in Bangalore’, they could have done so much more. Bangalore Mirror is doing a better job than them in voicing Banaglore’s concerns. It’s more interactive and somewhere touches the right chord. Looks like DNA will have a tough time ahead. Maybe the delay will help them do some major soul-searching. Forget the subscribers, they need to believe in themselves first.
    And my answer is – won’t book!

  2. Amrita, bang on! I think Bangalore Mirror had the right intention – of evoking a response like ‘this is my Bangalore’s paper’. Great comment. Thanks.

  3. Forget Bangalore.

    Look at all the people that subscribed and lost the money for these months. I thought the campaign was great and in tune with the spirit of Bangalore. They had targeted corporations and showcased a youthful, forward looking and fresh newspaper with a modern outlook – as opposed to the left wing garbage like Deccan Herald (I am sure Bangalore Mirror is one such leftist newspaper)

    Bangalore has nothing to lose if DNA doesnt come – but the subscribers do lose the money.

  4. Hey bangalooru

    namaskara.. DNA is finally here,
    after making us wait for 3 months
    DNA was finally launched today
    and i got 1st copy,
    they told that subscription will be valid for 1 year upto dec 20 2009.

  5. Hi
    DNA was started in bangalore last week but still I am waiting for DNA ,

    simple they are enjoying our money

  6. My inbox is flooded with spam, semi-spam, bizarre requests & complaints about DNA. Some have mistaken me for some kind of vendor of DNA and have asked if they can get distribute the paper in AP! I guess that’s the trouble of showing up in Google searches. I guess people are angry about paying upfront and feeling ‘cheated’. Is DNA listening?

  7. DNA launched in Bengaluru! …?
    I am still waiting for my copy… is anyone listening?

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