Colgate Naughty Boy: deserves a spanking?

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This TV commercial for Colgate Max, created by Rediffusion DY&R is doing the rounds of ad blogs. I saw it first on the web – don’t recall having seen it on TV. In most cases, it is being summarily panned.

Judge for yourself whether this is a case of ‘December advertising’ and if it deserves all the trashing. All I can say is that the previous effort looks good now.

See what others are saying about the ad here and here.

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  1. What on Earth is this ? Yes , I do undertstand this is advertising and it is ” suspension of disbelief” but this is taking it too far. Well my hands are restless – to slap both the client and the creator. The client maybe well advised to keep it on the web rather than waste precious money on airing on national TV channels.

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